Group picture of IMOL 2022 in Tubingen

Intrinsically Motivated Open-Ended Learning

IMOL first launched as a biennial workshop in 2009 in Venice. Since then, it has spontaneously and steadily grown into a true research community, bringing together researchers from a diversity of fields. IMOL researchers are interested in the study of autonomous learning processes and in the development of artificial intelligent systems able to autonomously acquire knowledge and skills for their own sake, through interactions with their environment. In particular, IMOL focuses on the role of intrinsic motivations in supporting this process of autonomous development within embodied artificial agents. This website is the major connecting portal for the IMOL community. It promotes the exchange of ideas, interactions, tools and cumulative results supporting the enterprise towards more autonomous and versatile artificial agents.

Join Us!

Does your research intersect with the interests of IMOL? You can join the IMOL community and become a member by applying here. Members actively participate in keeping the community alive and flourishing via the organization of a diversity of events and discussions. You can join the google group here: connect with a google account and ask to join!